H2O SOS Standard Controller / Control Panel

Part# H2O SOS 1Z

Note: This is a controller only. It requires a valve and sensors
to operate as a complete water leak detection system.

H2O SOS Single Zone Controller

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The H2O SOS single zone control panel / controller is the brains of the H2O SOS leak detection system. Simply wire it to one of our lead-free valves and either wireless or wired sensors and you have a complete active leak detection system.

The H2O SOS single zone controller can interface with an existing home alarm system. This allows it to not only shut off the water if a leak is detected, but also to alert you or your alarm company of the leak.

The H2O SOS controller is designed to be mounted over a standard 2-gang electrical outlet box and is powered by a 24 volt plug-in transformer (provided). an optional surface mount box is available - please call for details.

H2O SOS Standard Control Panel Specifications
Moniotring Zones: Single (1)
Max. Number of Sensors: 250
Size: 4.5" X 4.5" X 2.5" deep
Color: White Aluminum Face Plate
Power: 24VAC Power Supply (Included)
Inputs: Normally Closed or Open Circuits
Mute / Monitor / Disable / Reset - Push Button
Outputs: Green LED - Monitoring
Red LED - Leak Detected
Yellow LED - Disabled/Standby
Audible - Low Level Piezo upon Alarm