FloodStopper wireless transmitter
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Please see the H2O SOS system
for compatible wireless transmitters by H2O SOS.

Extra FloodStopper Wireless Transmitters

The Floodstopper wireless tranmitter is used in conjunction with the FloodStopper receiver and any FloodStopper controller to create a truly wireless leak detection system. The individual water leak sensors (sold separately) are wired to wireless transmitter which send a signal in the event of a leak to a receiver attached to the main controller. The principal advantage of the wireless configuration is the ease of installation, especially where it is desirable to install sensors in locations to which it may be difficult or impossible to run wire. Up to 25 sensors can be connected to each transmitter, and 32 transmitters can be connected to each receiver.


Are you also purchasing a FloodStopper Single-Zone System?:

If so, check out our special Wireless Extra Value Packages for even more savings!

Single-Zone Leak Detection System Extra Value Pkg. 1
includes a wireless receiver, 1 wireless transmitter and 6 extra sensors

Single-Zone Leak Detection System Extra Value Pkg. 2
includes a wireless receiver, 2 wireless transmitters and 6 extra sensors

Single-Zone Leak Detection System Extra Value Pkg. 3
includes a wireless receiver, 3 wireless transmitters and 11 extra sensors

Note: If you have not purchased a FloodStopper wireless receiver, you should not purchase this item. You should purchase the wireless add-on package, which includes a wireless receiver and one wireless transmitter, or one of our wireless extra value packages (comes with a complete FloodStopper system) first.