H2O SOS Standard Wireless Transmitter

Part# H2O SOS DXT 31

Note: This is a transmitter only. It requires a valve, control panel,
sensors, and a wireless receiver to operate as a complete water leak detection system.

H2O SOS Standard Wireless Transmitter

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H2O SOS Wireless Transmitter is usually used to transmit leak signals from a series of standard leak sensors wirelessly back to the receiver and control panel. They can be connected to up to 20 hard-wired leak sensors (wired in parallel) and have a range of 700 - 1000 feet through free air. Range is reduced when the signal has to travel through walls or other obstructions. They operate on a 315Mhz frequency.

Each H2O SOS Standard Wireless Transmitter is powered by two 3-volt #2032 lithium batteries with an expected life of up to three years.

Standard Wireless Transmitter Specifications
Input Voltage: Two 3VDC Litium Batteries (#2032)
Frequency: 315Mhz
Battery Life: 3 years
Range: 700 - 1000ft in free air
"Hard-wired" Sensors per Transmitter: Up to 20 sensors wired in parallel in 100ft