H2O SOS 1 1/2" Lead-Free Full-Port Shut-Off Valve

Part# H2O SOS Valve 1 1/2"

Note: This is a valve only. It requires sensors and a controller
to operate as a complete water leak detection system.

H2O SOS 1 1/2" Lead-Free Shut-Off Valve

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The H2O SOS 1 1/2" Lead-Free valve is one of our largest valves. It is optimal for large home or commercial installations where a 1 1/2" full bore valve is required to minimize pressure and flow loss. This valve is recommended in any applications where the valve will be installed on a 1 1/2" pipe.

H2O SOS shut-off valves are certified lead free, and are 100% electronically tested in the open and closed position at 80 PSI.

1 1/2" Valve Specifications
Connection: 1 1/2" Female / 1 1/2" Female NPT"
Size: 11.3"H X 7.5"W X 6.18"D
Maximum Temperature: 366°F
Working Time" 10 Seconds
Enclosure Type: NEMA TYPE 4 STD
Protection: IP66
Manual Activation/Override?: Yes
Full Port?: Yes