H2O SOS Standard Water Leak Sensor

Part# H2O SOS WS

Note: This is a sensor only. It requires a valve and controller
to operate as a complete water leak detection system.

H2O SOS Standard Hard-Wired Sensor

MSRP: US$31.25

Starting at: US$19.00

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The H2O SOS Water Sensor is designed to detect water or any electrically-conductive fluid.

The H2O SOS system can support and monitor up to 250 sensors, however, in most applications, you will use between 5 and 20 sensors. Sensors are generally located at the base of walls throughout the home where leaks would be most likely to occur, such as near the hot water heater, behind the clothes washer and dishwasher, behind toilets, and under sinks. The closer the sensors are located to potential leak sources, the faster a leak will be detected and the sooner the water will be turned off in the event of a leak.

Sensors are wired in parallel either directly to an H2O SOS controller, or to an H2O SOS transmitter.

This sensor is fully-compatible with FloodStopper brand water leak detection systems.

Standard Hard-Wired Sensor Specifications
Mounting: 2 Screws
Size" 0.5"H X 2.5"W
Color: White