Benefits of an active water leak detector

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

water leak detection benefits"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We have all heard this old adage. The H2O SOS leak detection system is a product designed with this in mind. What the H2O SOS leak detection system offers is peace-of-mind in the knowledge that your home and your important possessions are protected from catastrophic water leaks. It is highly likely that sometime during your life, you will experience some sort of water leak in your home or business; this could present itself as a ruptured water heater, a burst washing machine supply hose, a frozen pipe, or other calamity. If you are not on-location or you are asleep when it happens, extensive damage can be the unfortunate result. The H2O SOS leak detection system can protect your home and belongings from such an event. For recreational property owners, people who travel and are away from their home a lot, or those who live in multi-family buildings where a leak in your unit can quickly spread to adjoining tenants, your risks are magnified.

When (not if) a significant water leak occurs in your home, it is not just the financial cost of clean-up, repairs, and/or insurance premiums that tax you, but the huge investment in time and energy to get everything back to normal. It often takes months of working with various contractors (plumbers, electricians, drywallers, general contractors, mold specialists, etc.) to resolve even a fairly small flood.

The H2O SOS leak detection system is a small investment that will save you a great deal of frustration, and likely a considerable amount of money, in the future. Think of the H2O SOS leak detection system as a one-time insurance policy with no deductible that can actually prevent a major problem from occurring. Many insurance companies have recognized the value of an active water leak detection system and, accordingly, they provide discounts on home and business insurance policies for buildings with them installed. Ask your insurance company or agent for details!

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